so excited.


1. New hairstyle

Tante Debz has suggestion about my new hair do and she promised to accompany me to the hairdresser. Yes, I need some support (especially) regarding my hair (LOL).


Below are the encouraging support I quoted from my conversation with Tante Debz yesterday morning:

Tante Debz: kalau kepikiran potong pendek, potongannya seperti ini (merujuk foto Mbak Jessica Alba di atas). You will look cute, and young, and fresh.

Pagit: trims. I will bring you as well to the salon. Mau kan?

Tante Debz: mauuu…. Aduh, excited! Coba hitung sudah berapa lama kau dengan rambut kau ini? (tiga tahun!) Lagian ya (dengan rambut pendek) rambut akan jadi lebih tebal, gampang ditata dan kalau traveling kau nggak ribet. Kau ‘kan bukan gadis Bogor lagi (sekarang sudah menjadi AGJ), hahaha….


Tante Debz: and… add color please! (lihat foto di atas) I’m begging you! Just a bit! Nothing extreme. Supaya bercahaya. Ada highlight-nya gitu, seperti sun kissed.

Pagit: ow!….

2. New swimsuit

This is the illustration about my desired swimsuit:

To complete the look of my future swimsuit: Straw tote; Stripe straw floppy hat; Shimmer gold sunglasses; Floral necklace; and Colorful flip-flop. Compiled using

3. Up coming holiday trip

And, Lili, has kindly organized trip to Bangka-Belitung Islands next November.


12 thoughts on “so excited.”

    1. Mils, sayangnya Tante Debz tidak bisa ikut serta ke Belitung. Tante Debz sudah berada di Kanada pada bulan tersebut.

      Jangan patah arang, tetap semangat! Merdeka!

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