i’m fat, so what?

What I do recently in blog-o-sphere? I do some blog-walking trough fat/plus size/curvy blogger who prove their taste in fashion. And you know what, they are have that taste.

Began from an article about Does Size Matter in Fashionista.com, I’m directed to V Magazine which publish their size issues. They depicted several body types. But, which drawn my attention was their Curve Ahead issue (kindly googling it!). It depicted several plus size models in appealing poses, nice dresses, and great make-up dos. I’m a curvy/fat girl. Seen this rare publication on glossy and reputable magazine somehow put a smile in my face. And the tag, …THAT THERE’S PLENTY OF ROOM IN THE FASHION WORLD FOR WOMEN WHO LOOK LIKE…WOMEN, even made me smile wider.

Then my fashion tendency started to slide. I’m no longer looking mainstream fashion spread (read: dress in skinny model). I’m looking something real, something which represent my body. Below, I would like to share some these fabulous girls/women which I’m following religiously on my Google Reader:

1. Aeolistic

2. Anomalous Allure

3. Corpulent

4. Definatalie

5. Dollface Is Candy Sweet

6. Frocks & Frou Frou

7. Messy Carla

8. Saks In The City

I do feel good about myself, not until I receive my copy of Vogue. Hahaha…

If you find some grammatically incorrect above, please do laugh.


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