my body image-lib.

If I woke up one morning suddenly adoring my body, the first thing I’d do is playing tennis and then put on a pair of skinny jeans. I’d allow myself to sip and eat a cup of coffee with full cream and doughnut chocolate with nut when I felt like it because I’d know that moderation, not deprivation or overindulgence, is the healthiest way to go. I’d exercise to have fun and keep my body healthy, (rather than lose five more pounds, or to work off last night’s dessert, or this morning’s binge), so I’d stop jogging and hip hop dancing instead. I’d finally be fearless enough to put a sexy BLD, and I wouldn’t feel self-conscious or bad about it, and anyone who would look down on me is just a/an curvy girl wannabe anyway. When I get home, a romp between the sheets would be levitating because I wouldn’t be bashful about ripping off my clothes. Heck, I bet it would be better than that scene in Shrek. Afterwards, I’d burn all of my unstylish jeans and shirt and wear deep v-neck or backless dress and sexy shoes to my friend’s night wedding reception. I’d go to Mark Ruffalo’s house without even looking in the mirror! I’d even do/go belly piercing without a shred of self-consciousness. Or I’d go out to a party and spend more time dancing and flirting than obsessing about the party food or clinging to the wall feeling insecure. In fact, if I focused more on my body’s awe-inspiring ability to hold the uncomfortable pain of acupressure rather than on how I look, I’d probably start calling myself Andromeda (from Saint Seiya’s). Plus, with all the money I’d save not buying slimming tea, I’d have extra cash to put toward my master degree in communications. One thing is for sure: I wouldn’t give a hoot if my neck started to sag, because I would be too busy toasting my passion!


1 thought on “my body image-lib.”

  1. Kalo wordpress hampir sama kok, liat di plurknya di bawah ada pluged plurk widget, tinggal masukin scrriptnya ajah

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