marriage maybe.

I’m approaching 27, still single and got a lot wedding invitation for the last two months and another three months ahead.

These wedding invitations really bother me. Its okay for those of you who thing wedding reception is the best place to seek potential spouse. But for me personally, it’s just like step in into lion’s maw. Literary, facing a bunch of old ladies or old friends who questioning when will I turn to tie the knot.

But, the neighbors are the worst. They will voluntary themselves become the organizer. Mrs. Rohman and Mrs. Arif will organize the guest greeter. Mrs. Toto and Mrs. Ali will organize the banquet. And Mrs. Hendra will responsible for the make-up artiste. They kept buzzing around whenever I passed them in the buffet.

And the only self-defense I can make is simply replied to them with my finest smile which I’ve prepared a day before. I just can’t shout out to them that I’m still available whatsoever. It’ll just give them ammo to feel sorry for me and my Mom. I truly appreciate they kindness. I believe when God sets the time, it will come. Right?


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