my belated birthday.

I turned 26 this year. Ouch!!!

Here some sms-es I have received from my beloved firends.

Feby: Hepi bidey, pagite. Wish u all d best in life
Thank you.

Elfa: Dear pagit, HAPPY BDAY YA! Hopes you’ll get all the things you’ve dreaming of in this year, in this age. Amin. Cheer up girl… have a good day
How do you know that I’m not okey? Thanks anyway.

My Sista’: Happy b’day ya… Mudah-mudahan cepet dapet kerjaan baru yang lebih baik. Amin.
Very desprate to find a new and (must) be the better one.

Wista: May 3v’thiNg hAppY+bRight B Urs oN UR b’day. ThRough D Y34R may D s4m3 thiNg holD TruE 50 th4t e4ch d4Y 1s f1LLed w/ L1fe’s b35t th1Ngs 4 U. H3p1 B’day P4git!
Thank you.

Ami: Happy bday Git, moga panjang umur, sehat selalu. Moga cita2 dlm hidupmu tcapai amin!

Mike: You not coming to the office? Ok then I just have sing via sms: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.
It’s nice Mike.

Yusi: Pagitta, hepi bday to u… May Allah bless u always… Kpn mkn2nya? Ditunggu ya…


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