book review: The History of Love.

The History Of Love // Nicole Krauss

Hello, all! Happy Belated New Year 2007! I kow… I know… it has been 9 days late.

Here in Indonesia, our new year had started with misery. From the sinking boats to the missing plane.

Those are my foreword. Let’s back to the bussiness, a book review bussiness.

It’s a little bit boring in the beginning. Who wants to read a story of an old man, dreaming about how he gonna die and who will find his body. That is why this old man attaches memo on his shirt every time he leaves his apartment, these say:

My name is Leo Gursky, I don’t have any relatives. Please call Pinelawn cemetery, I have a place reserved there in Jewish section. Thank you for your kindness.

The History of Love is a story about a book named The History of Love. Written 60 years ago as a love testament for a woman named Alma. She left for America from Poland to seek a better future.

And… about a girl name Alma whose mother between her grief tries to translate “The History of Love” from Spanish to English. Alma believes that her mother misery will fade away if Alma could prove that the characters in the novel do really exist.

And… about a famous writer search for his past.

And… about future messiah playing tricks on people destiny.


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