the magazine freak.

Since I won quiz which valued of IDR 25,000 from BOBO magazine 11 years ago, I started to upgrade my reading materials. BOBO wasn’t my level anymore, because I’ve already become a teenager. So, the money that I’d got was enough to buy 10 editions of GADIS, which at that time it cost only IDR 2,400. Beside bought GADIS, I also bought MODE magazine simply because this reason: their cover boys and Vanya the series which was very hilarious.

In high school I was no longer buy magazine coz all the money went for food and the movie and the Donald Duck comic. But still, I could catch up the latest trends, thanks to my VBGF. She always shared her DOLLY, Seventeen, and TEEN.

I took journalism in college. The activity of reading mag became vigorous after the presenting of franchise magazine from US, Seventeen Indonesia and CosmoGirl Indonesia.

My interest in woman magazine I manage very well. I used it as the topic of my final report, The Woman Image in Her World Indonesia.

According to Jonathan Bignell (1997), woman magazine are glossy and colourful, connoting oleasure and relaxation rather than seriousness … the smell and feel of the glossy paper connotes luxury … femininity and it’s pleasure of self-adornment.

Since then I became critical reader which mean I’m not easly amazed by adv, wether it stand for itself or embedded in a rubric such as fashion and beauty buzz. I just buy what I need and what I can afford.

After I could earn money for myself, I started buy CHIC, simply because it’s promotional price. Then the honeymoon was over. I compared CHIC to monthly magazine from SG and MY, CLEO. The result: the price isn’t way too different and CLEO is thicker than CHIC.

So, for the last one year, I’m subscribing CLEO based on what available in store. This month I’ve got CLEO SG, last month CLEO MY. Do you CLEO???


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